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10 Tips: For Getting The Most From Your Flyer Design

Monday 5th February 2024

Flyers are the unsung heroes of marketing. They're small but mighty tools that can grab attention and convey a powerful message. However, the success of a flyer often hinges on the clarity and effectiveness of the design brief given to the graphic designer. So, how can you ensure your vision translates into an attention-grabbing flyer? Here's our quick guide to briefing our design team for flyer design success. 1. Define Your Objective Before diving into the design details, clarify the purpose of your flyer. Are you promoting an event, showcasing a product, or raising awareness? Understanding the primary goal helps us craft visuals that align with your objectives. 2. Know Your Audience Identify your target audience. What appeals to them? What design elements resonate with…

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Unlocking Success: A Guide to Leaflet Distribution Campaigns for the start of 2024

Monday 15th January 2024

In an era where digital marketing is more saturated than ever, the timeless art of direct mail stands out as a powerful and personal way for small businesses to connect with their audience. As the new year kicks off, harnessing the potential of a well-crafted direct mail campaign can breathe fresh life into your business, capturing new customers while rekindling relationships with existing ones. Understanding the Power of Leaflet Drops Picture this: amidst the sea of emails flooding inboxes, your potential customer receives a beautifully designed leaflet, brochure, or flyer - It's tangible, it's eye-catching, and it's a break from the digital noise. That's the power of direct mail. Defining Your Objectives Before diving into the creative process, outline your campaign's objectives. Are you…

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The Importance of Measuring ROI in Leaflet Distribution

Monday 25th September 2023

Leaflet distribution is a traditional yet effective marketing strategy that involves distributing promotional materials, such as flyers or leaflets, to a target audience. While it's a cost-effective method to reach potential customers, businesses need to ensure that their investments yield positive results. Measuring ROI allows companies to evaluate the impact of their leaflet distribution campaigns and optimize their marketing efforts accordingly. 1. Define Clear Objectives Before embarking on a leaflet distribution campaign, it's essential to set clear and specific objectives. What do you hope to achieve with this campaign? Is it to increase sales, drive website traffic, promote a special offer, or raise brand awareness? Establishing clear goals will provide a foundation for measuring ROI. 2. Calculate Costs To measure ROI accurately, you must…

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Innovative Door Drop Marketing Strategies to Advertise Your Business

Monday 4th September 2023

In the dynamic landscape of advertising, businesses are constantly seeking fresh and effective ways to connect with their target audience. One such method that has stood the test of time and continues to evolve is door drop marketing. Traditionally associated with leaflets and flyers, door drop marketing has transformed into a versatile and innovative strategy that can help your business stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. In this blog, we'll explore some innovative ways to utilize door drop marketing to advertise your business and make a lasting impact. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: Embrace the power of technology by integrating augmented reality into your door drop marketing. Encourage recipients to scan a QR code on the flyer using…

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Crafting a Robust Marketing Plan that Resonates with Consumer Needs: A Focus on Leaflet Delivery

Tuesday 18th July 2023

In today's dynamic business landscape, where consumer preferences and behaviours constantly evolve, creating a strong marketing plan that effectively speaks to consumer needs is crucial for businesses. One effective approach to engage with potential customers is through leaflet delivery campaigns. Leaflets can serve as powerful tools to convey your message, promote your products or services, and build brand awareness. This blog aims to guide you through the process of creating a robust marketing plan with leaflet delivery in mind, ensuring it resonates with consumer needs and maximizes your campaign's impact. 1) Understand Your Target Audience: To create an impactful marketing plan, it is essential to have a deep understanding of your target audience. Research and analyse their demographics, interests, behaviours, and preferences.…

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Why On-Going Campaigns Produce Better Results

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Have you ever wondered why ongoing marketing campaigns produce better results than a one-time deal? Let's look back to our childhood. At school, we were taught many new things by repetition. The more you hear or see something, the more you will remember and recall. It's the same with adverts for products or services. If you only see it once, you might struggle to retain enough information when you need it. A multi-pronged approach In modern times there is no escaping the importance of the internet in company publicity. Still, it can be virtually impossible for smaller and more locally based businesses to be noticed amidst the sea of more prominent names and compete against those with a hefty marketing budget. This is…

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What Do Trees Do For Our Planet?

Tuesday 17th August 2021

We have taken the presence of trees for granted for many years, but have you ever thought what would happen if they all disappeared? In 2019, the UK Government launched a scheme to boost tree-planting in a bid to fight climate change, a scheme worth £50 million. They support farmers and landowners to create new woodland with funding as the trees grow as part of their 25-year Environment Plan. In 2020, The National Trust also declared its ambition to plant 20 million trees by 2030. If it wasn't so crucial to our environment, we are sure neither would invest so heavily. Why Are Trees So Important To Our Planet? Trees do so much more than just make the place looks green and…

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Using Leaflets For Recruitment

Friday 16th July 2021

You have probably heard on the news that many businesses are struggling to attract candidates for the vacancies that they have to offer. For many reasons, as the world opens up and the risks from Covid-19 ease, there are many unfilled job vacancies. Companies are struggling to attract the attention for vacancies they would have quickly filled in the past. They urgently need additional team members, yet their previously successful recruitment processes may be failing them. However, we believe we have a great solution. Our door drop marketing teams have been extremely busy over the last couple of months delivering leaflets aimed at recruitment, to much benefit from those employers choosing to use them. Harnessing the power of door drop Here at…

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Reward And Inform With Your Door Drop Marketing Campaigns

Thursday 24th June 2021

Do you worry that you aren't connecting with your target audience for your door drop marketing campaigns? There are certain things you may not be including in your campaigns that could significantly affect your ROI. Here, we explain two of the most important strategies when it comes to gaining traction with your target audience - rewarding and informing. Statistical Proof We already know that customers respond positively to information that is relevant and useful to them, so let's look at the research that tells us more. Royal Mail carried out an extensive survey back in 2015 to identify what type of mail customers found valuable and why. It may surprise you to learn that building a relationship with a current customer through…

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Why It’s Important To Continue Marketing During Economic Turbulent Times

Thursday 3rd June 2021

Let's face it, the last year or so has been a rather unsettling and worrying time for businesses in many different industries. COVID-19 has shown us the vulnerabilities within our businesses and while some have managed to diversify their product/service offerings to adapt, others have not been able to. For many companies, a period of economic turbulence and uncertainty have them battening down the hatches, cutting back what they consider to be non-essential spending and sitting back to ride out the storm. Some may act by immediately cutting or doing away with marketing budgets completely, in the belief that holding onto cash is the only way to survive. But this could be harming their business more than they realise.…

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Make Your Door Drop Marketing Worth Keeping

Friday 23rd April 2021

An astonishing 72% of people receiving marketing material on their doormat read, keep or pass it on, and 45% of consumers keep direct door drop mail leaflets and brochures in a draw or on a noticeboard for them to call on. In addition to this, a whopping 89% recall flyers coming through their letterbox, so the benefits of direct marketing campaigns are clear according to the Direct Marketing Association figures released. But how do you harness the power of this type of marketing, and avoid being one of those leaflets that moves directly from the doorstep to the recycling bin? The secret is to give them a flyer that they deem as worth keeping. Ensuring that your leaflet is something…

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Important Lessons To Remember From A Year In Lockdown

Monday 12th April 2021

If you had told us 12 months ago that we would be still in the middle of a national lockdown, we probably wouldn't have believed you, but what a crazy year it has been. While it has been a period of great stress, worry, and endless challenges, it has also been a year of critical lessons for anyone involved in the world of business. Most people will have learned more about their business than ever before. We have realised the importance of being adaptive and resilient, and there are some key takeaways from the past 12 months that we would like to share with you. 1. Broadening your services is critical - We have seen a lot of businesses adapt to…

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